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Persian rugs – true classics in interior design!

Oriental carpets are considered to be classic and sustainable carpets and are therefore still used at home today. A beautiful variant of the oriental rugs are the Persian rugs. Not only those who rely on traditional designs, but also those who place emphasis on a modern Design, meet with Persian carpets in the black. If you want to give your living area more cosiness and character of its own by a carpet, then take a look at the following picture gallery! Perhaps you will draw Inspiration from these interior designs, which have been brought out by a Persian carpet beautiful…

Red Persian Rug Living Room Oriental Persian Rug Carpet Designs, Best For Floor Decoration g47 – M-Press
Red Persian Rug Living Room Oriental Persian Rug Carpet Designs, Best For Floor Decoration g47 – M-Press


What is typical of Persian carpets?

As a still living Tradition, beautiful carpets are hand-made in a traditional way in modern Iran. The classic Persian carpet is hand-knotted. As handcrafted products, these carpets are regarded as real masterpieces. Persian rugs have an expressive Design.

The colors are impressive and the patterns have different symbols and often tell even whole stories… they are characterized by multifaceted variety of patterns and good quality of colors. It is also possible to distinguish an authentic Persian carpet from another. Here’s the answer: to the back! Rows of nodes are a sign of a genuine product. A typical feature of these carpets are the Senneh knots.



Blue Persian Rug Living Room Blue Oriental Rug Living Room Discount Persian Rugs Cute Area Rugs z41 – M-Press

The Persian carpet as a classic in floor coverings

Carpets are not only decorative textiles, but have a certain function in the room: to make them homely and to make them look characterful.However, oriental carpets have a special Status. They gain in value over the years and transform into real pieces of value. In addition to the classic patterns, there are also new shapes and motifs that give the Persian carpet a modern Look. Trend carpets in Orient look fit in different furnishing styles.

This Persian carpet is perfect for the modern living room

Every Persian carpet fascinates by its splendour and somehow reminds of past times. So Persian rugs have a very special charisma, which brings the charm of the Orient to your home. Every carpet lover therefore appreciates these old traditional floor coverings high. In addition, oriental carpets can be designed very differently. They can be handmade or also industrially made, Vintage or quite modern look and are made of different materials: cotton, wool, silk, Jute or animal hair. So for every taste there is a suitable Design!

Select a suitable color palette!

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